Matt Barr

Matt Barr

  • 814-238-8080 ext 3117

  • 814-238-8080 ext 3117
  • 814-574-1345
  • 814-238-8080
  • 1612 North Atherton Street
    State College, PA 16803
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Building Life Long Relationships One Client at a Time

Meeting Your Needs with a One-on-One Approach

Meeting your needs, one on one, is my priority.  With my integrity, values and knowledge, I will do everything I can to sell your home or find your new dream home.  You will always work with me direct.  Together, we will achieve your real estate goals. 

Communication - I will communicate with you on a weekly phone call throughout the process. You will talk to me and only me. You will be informed and kept in the loop!

Technology - With my custom market statistical analysis, you will get weekly updates in your price range on what the market is actually doing.

Knowledge - I have the knowledge and experience in the business as a full time professional. Working through the process from negotiations, appraisals, financing to settlement, we will get the job done.

Values - I will never forget it’s about you and your family!

Energy - Coffee!!! Selling real estate is my passion! I have been in the real estate business for 12 years as a buyer, seller and property owner/manager, I know what your trepidations are and will help you through the ever changing real estate world.


                                                     My family, Madelyn, Carla, and Izabella.                                                                   


The Proof

 “The market was terrible for our area. We decided to put both of our houses up for sale, hoping to sell one and live in the other. Matt got lots of people to see the houses and had several open houses for both properties. He used everything at his disposal to get the job done. Matt was very attentive to our needs and very easy to contact whenever needed. Matt paid very close attention to the details of our houses. Both houses were fully renovated prior to putting them up for sale. He was well aware of the materials used and the quality of workmanship that went into those renovations. He used that information to get the best possible selling price. Matt did a much better job than the previous realtor we had with a different realty office. The first realtor had not shown either house to anyone. He got the sale done, got it quickly, and we were very happy with the offer. Thank you very much Matt for a job well done!” John & Jackie 


“Matt is very knowledgeable of the local market and what buyers are looking for. He worked with me through the entire selling process and was able to sell my home within 1 day of putting it on the market. He was very attentive and very responsive whenever I had any questions. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone.Mrs. Solan


“Working with Matt through buying my first house was more easy than I thought. He walked me through all the steps and made sure it all went smooth. Matt helps you find the right house for your needs and does not try to rush just to get the sale. I told him what I was looking for and it took us several months to find it. He didn't give up, and he called me about every new house on the market. Matt only called about the houses that would really interest me. I recommended him to some friends and that worked out well too. When something needed to be done he always seemed to take care of it even when I didn't think it was his responsibility. I find Matt to be a young professional and look forward to working with him in the future.” Jared Sharer


“Matt helped us, first time homebuyers, buy our first home in Pleasant Gap. He was very patient throughout the whole process, explaining all the little details to make sure we were well informed. He didn't pressure us, and really cared about whether we felt the homes we looked at were right for us. He's very laid-back, but extremely professional. He was easy to get in contact with throughout the whole process and always called or emailed back promptly. We'd recommend him to anyone!" Jere and Krista



831 Galen Drive, State College 16803 154 Hunterwood Way, Port Matilda 16870
110 Harvard Street, Port Matilda 16870 103 Addleman Circle, Centre Hall 16875
113 Manhasset Drive, Port Matilda 16870 Sinking Creek, Spring Mills 16875
485 Sawmill Road, Port Matilda 16870 103 Rosewood Cove, Bellefonte, 16823
503 Laura Street, Philipsburg 16866 205 Yorkshire Lane, Bellefonte 16823
Bible Road, Spring Mills 16875 102 Skyview Drive, Port Matilda 16870
185 Lorinda Lane, Bellefonte 16823 146 Presidents Drive, State College 16803
160 Matilda Ave, State College 16801 221 10th Street, Philipsburg 16866
139 3rd Street, Centre Hall 16827 559 Lanceshire Drive, State College 16803
162 Yarnell Lane, Bellefonte 16823 112 Reagan Circle, State College 16803
128 West Main Street, Boalsburg 16827 349 Glengarry Lane, State College 16801
148 Kenley Court, State College 16803 181 Grove Cirlce, Lemont 16851
578 West Hillside Drive, State College 16803 133 Hancock Road, Bellefonte 16823
Stevenson Road, Port Matilda 16870 434 Brush Mountain Rd, Spring Mills 16875
Philipsburg Bigler Hwy, Philipsburg 16866 215 Danielle Drive, Bellefonte 16823
3240 W Pine Grove Road, PA Furnace 16865 2068 Halfmoon Valley Rd, Port Matilda 16870
205 Shrineview Drive, Boalsburg 16827 131 Watson Lane, Bellefonte 16823
146 Presidents Drive, State College 16803 102 Skyview Drive, Bellefonte 16823
503 Laura Street, Philipsburg 16866 660 Stoneledge Drive, State College 16803
534 5th Street, Tyrone 16686 112  Arbor Bluff Drive, Bellefonte 16823
1826 Dry Hollow Road, Warriors Mark 16877 162 Yarnell Lane, Bellefonte 16823
173 Weights Lane, Bellefonte 16823 Main Street, Millhiem 16854
102 West Ridge Street, Centre Hall 16828 749 Galen Drive, State College 16803
108 Arbor Bluff Drive, Bellefonte 16823 734 Jackson Street, State College 16803
624 Galen Drive, State College 16803 3240 W Pine Grove Road, PA Furnace 16865
124 Lilac Lane, State College 16803 1071 Springfield Drive, Bellefonte 16823


Birchtree Court, State College 16801 Valentine Street, Bellefonte 16823
Lingle Road, Spring Mills 16875 Curtin Street, Bellefonte 16823
Cadham Court, Bellefonte 16823 Jalice Circle, State College 16801
Upper Georges Valley Rd, Spring Mills 16875 Norwood Road, State College 16803
Southgate Drive, State College 16801 Birchtree Court, State College 16801
Amberleigh Lane, Bellefonte 16823 Cedar Ridge Drive, Port Matilda 16870
Marble Street Stratford Drive, State College 16801
Faith Circle, Boalsburg 16827 Woodledge Circle, State College 16801
Beaver Street, Bellefonte 16823 Cambridge Drive, State College 16803
Meadowbrook Lane, Mill Hall 17751 Pine Creek Road, Woodward 16882
Woodledge Circle, State College 16803 Steeplechase Drive, Bellefonte 16823
Linnet Lane, State College 16803 Hubler Road, State College 16801
Barry Street, Sandy Ridge 16677 Main Street, Spring Mills 16854
Alma Mater Drive, State College 16803 Penny Lane, State College 16803
Cambridge Lane, Bellefonte 16823 Southgate Drive, State College 16801
Cedar Ridge Drive, Port Matilda 16870 Jalice Circle, State College 16801
Picdilly Road, Port Matilda 16870 Stratford Drive, State College 16801
Brush Mountain Rd, Spring Mills 16854 Wooded Lot, Philipsburg 16866
Addleman Court, Centre Hall 16828 Kathryn Drive, Bellefonte 16823
Jefferson Circle, Bellefonte 16823 Winchester Lane, Bellefonte 16823
Ambleside Street, Port Matilda 16870 Jefferson Avenue, State College 16801
Lanceshire Lane, State College 16803 Tadpole Road, PA Furnance 16865



Far Hills Avenue, Bellefonte 16823 Fowler Avenue, Port Matilda 16870
Front Street, Philipsburg 16866 Beaumanor Road, State College 16803
Crestview Drive, Bellefonte 16823 Pennington Road, Warriors Mark 16877
Meadowflower Lane, Bellefonte 16823 First Avenue, State College 16801
Ramblewood Road, State College 16801 Westover Drive, State College 16803
Ira Lane, State College 16803 Meadowflower Lane, Bellefonte 16823
Stratford Drive, State College 16801 Harvard Road, State College 16803
Pinehurst Drive, State College 16803 Main Street, Julian 16844
Kathryn Street, Boalsburg 16827 West Park Avenue, State College 16803
Fairview Avenue, State College 16803 Farmington Lane, Bellefonte 16823
Oakwood Avenue, State College 16801 Hubler Road, State College 16801
Canterbury Drive, State College 16803 Westover Drive, State College 16803
High Street, Penns Valley 16875 Rock Creek Lane, Bald Eagle 16686
Sunnyside Hollow Rd, Port Matilda 16870 Spruce Street, State College 16803
Shawnee Drive, Bellefonte 16823 Dogwood Lane, Philipsburg 16866
Meadowbrook Lane, Bellefonte 16823 Sunnyside Hollow Rd, Port Matilda 16870
Fowler Hollow Rd, Port Matilda 16870 Kavas Circle, Bellefonte 16823
Skyview Drive, Bellefonte 16823 Purdue Mountain Rd, Bellefonte 16823
Brooks Lane, Bellefonte 16823 Foster Avenue, State College 16801
Reams Road, Philipsburg 16866 Lingle Road, Centre Hall 16828
Cadhum Court, Bellefonte 16823 Westover Drive, State College 16801
Fowler Hollow Road, Port Matilda 16870 Ballfield Alley, Warriors Mark 16877
Creekside Drive, State College 16801 Church Street, Centre Hall 16878
Birchtree Court, State College 16801 Greens Run Road, Howard 16841