Peter Chiarkas

Peter Chiarkas

Associate Broker,PSU Alumni

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Let us help you buy and sell in Centre County!

There are many qualities and skills that go into being an excellent realtor. In my opinion, the most is the ability to discover and address the different needs, wants, expectations and concerns of different buyers and sellers. This ability comes from a sincere concern for each person and their special needs coupled with a great deal of practical experience and education. 

That's why the ability to listen and be sensitive to my client's needs is the essence of good service, and everything we do in Real Estate work serves this object in one way or another. My team and I are committed to your success in finding your new home or getting your home sold. 

- Peter Chiarkas

Meet the Educated, Experienced & Committed Team

                                       Krissy Bonson * Peter Chiarkas * Laurel Cardillo

Peter Chiarkas

REALTOR® since 1999 and Associate Broker since 2011, PSU Alumni

1998 Bachelor of Science in Real Estate with a Minor in Insurance

1999 Obtained Real Estate License, Pennsylvania

2011 Obtained Associate Broker License, Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA

Peter is a 1999 graduate of Penn State University. He is a highly motivated and energized Seller Agent. Prospecting daily, looking for Buyers for your home as well as networking with all agents in the area for Maximum exposure. Peter’s Aggressive “Plan of Action” gets homes SOLD every time!

814.238.8080 x 3328  or

Laurel Cardillo

REALTOR® since 2006, Endicott College Alumni

Laurel is the Buyer Agent and Closing Coordinator.  

814.238.8080 x 3348  or

Krissy Bonson

REALTOR® since 2014, Messiah College Alumni

Krissy is the Listing Coordinator and Assistant.  

814.238.8080 x 3333 or

Why work with me and my team?

  • We will provide you with general information to help you better understand the process of selling and/or buying a home.
  • We offer a free comparative market analysis to determine the worth of your home and provide all necessary paperwork to provide a speedy and hassle-free sale.
  • We will coordinate all advertising and marketing needs to ensure that your home sells quickly.
  • We will manage all appointments and showings as well as necessary inspections.
  • We will provide you daily information on your sale or purchase.
  • We will present all of the necessary documentation while offering a proficient and stress-free closing.
  • We will actively and aggressivly search to procure a buyer for your home.
  • Our Buyer Agent services are free!
  • We will help while negotiating the best price.
  • We will ensure that your closing transaction is both timely and efficient.
  • We are committed to each and every client and will make the process simple and hassle-free.


  • Buyer & Seller Representation
  • Investment Properties
  • New Construction
  • First Time Home Buyers
  • Relocations                                                                                                                                                                

Peter Chiarkas - Associate Broker & PSU Alumni

Community Involvement

"I enjoy being an active member of my community and Centre County. I strive to make the Centre Region a better place to live, work and enjoy!  I have committed myself to being a Young Leader of the United Way, a member of the 4th Fest, and I participate yearly in the Day of Caring."


My Recent Track Record

2015 Properties Sold
  • 1707 Puddintown Road, State College
  • 1351 Valley View Road, Bellefonte
  • 123 Pat Lane, Spring Mills
  • 1502 Woodledge Circle, State College
  • 811 Bayberry Lane, State College
  • 259 Hecla Road, Mingoville
  • 90 Buffalo Lane, Port Matilda
  • 141 Stoney Ridge Acres Road, Centre Hall
2014 Properties Sold
  • Lot 11 Kenwood Drive, Petersburg
  • Lot 41 Aster Avenue, Bellefonte
  • Lot 53 Aster Avenue, Bellefonte
  • 3256 Charter Oak Road, Petersburg
  • 128 Oak Lane, State College
  • 103 Riverstone Lane, Bellefonte
  • 1777 Blue Course Drive, State College
  • 1014 Atherton Street S, State College
  • 1005 Atherton Street S, State College
  • 2015 Mary Ellen Lane, State College
  • 125 South Hills Avenue, State College
  • 1845 Park Forest Avenue, State College
  • 102 Fairbrook Drive, PA Furnace
  • 163 Exeter Lane, Bellefonte
  • 2009 Fairwood Lane, State College
  • 180 Dorchester Lane, Bellefonte
  • 2368 Quail Run Road, State College
  • 750 W Aaron Drive, State College
  • 2380 Park Center Blvd, State College
  • 138 Rosewood Cove, Bellefonte
  • 162 Gala Drive, State College
  • 110 Stonerow Lane, Port Matilda
  • 2204 Oak Lane N, State College
  • 101 Whitepine Place, Port Matilda
  • 2302 Raven Hollow Road, State College
  • 212 McCormick Avenue E, State College
  • 3A Meadow Flower Circle, Bellefonte
  • 125 Chicory Avenue, Bellefonte
  • 23B - 352 Meadow Flower Circle, Bellefonte
  • 1325 Joanna Drive, Bellefonte
  • 317 Penn Street, Huntingdon
  • 624 Devonshire Drive, State College
  • 530 Stony Lane, State College
  • 381 Millgate Road, Bellefonte
  • 2184 Autumnwood Drive, State College
  • 121 Chester Drive, Pine Grove Mills
  • 8256 Eagle Valley Road S, Port Matilda
  • 2091 Mary Ellen Lane, State College
  • 234 Fry Drive, State College
  • 718 Linnet Lane, State College
  • 512 Nittany Avenue W, State College
  • 685 Crandall Drive, State College
  • 210 Brothers Court, Port Matilda
  • 241 Rosemont Drive, State College
  • 328 Douglas Drive, State College
  • 2056 Chelsea Lane, State College
  • 534 Balmoral Circle, State College
  • 125 Ramblewood Drive, PA Furnace
  • 371 Ghaner Drive, State College
  • 1011 Lincoln Avenue, Tyrone
  • 1476 Curtin Street, State College
  • 1950 Norwood Lane, State College
  • 308 Thorndale Road, Port Matilda
  • 139-3296 Shellers Bend, State College
  • 117 Forest Glen Circle, Port Matilda
  • A2-820 Whitehall Road W, State College
  • 1113 Atherton Street S, State College
  • Lot 5 Cedar Hill, Reedsville
  • 244 Leawood Lane, State College
  • 211 Gertrude Street, Philipsburg
  • 2379 Nantucket Circle, State College
  • 2407 Prairie Rose Lane, State College
  • 125 South Hills Avenue W, State College
  • 157 E Linn Street, Bellefonte
  • 7 Lockes Mill Road, Milroy
  • 121 Kaywood Drive, Boalsburg
  • 525 Brittany Drive, State College
  • 1000 Bayberry Drive, State College
  • 667 Berkshire Drive, State College 
  • 186 Teasel Way, Bellefonte

2013 Properties Sold 
  • 971 Shady Lane, Bellefonte
  • 101 Davison Road, Warriors Mark
  • 102 Brothers Court, Port Matilda
  • 2464 Lexington Circle, State College
  • 1340 Harris Street, State College
  • 1312 East Branch Road, State College
  • 26 South Barkway Lane, State College
  • 1148 Ghaner Road, Port Matilda
  • 104 Reagan Circle, State College
  • 121 Lois Lane, State College
  • 160 Shadow Lane, Julian
  • 125 Chicory Avenue, Bellefonte
  • 151 Steeplechase Drive, Pleasant Gap
  • 162 Faust Circle, Bellefonte
  • 892 Galen Drive, State College
  • 112 Woody Lane, Blanchard
  • 1957 Harvest Circle, State College
  • 846 East High Street, Bellefonte
  • 125 Lilac Lane, State College
  • 504 Tressler Avenue, Howard
  • 201 Aster Avenue, Bellefonte
  • 347 McBath Street, State College
  • 145 Chapel Hill Circle, Pleasant Gap
  • 490 Millgate Road, Bellefonte
  • 1657 Oxford Circle, State College
  • 335 McBath Street, State College
  • 662A Oakwood Avenue, State College
  • 344 Madison Street, State College
  • 103 Chadham Court, Bellefonte
  • 133 South Thomas Street, Bellefonte
  • 623 Beaumont Drive, State College
  • 98 Jasmine Lane, Morrisdale
  • On Waltz Avenue, State College
  • 1096 Saxton Drive, State College
  • 81 Winesap Drive, Port Matilda
  • 556 Lanceshire Lane, State College
  • 119 South Danielle Drive, Pleasant Gap
  • 520 Hetzel Street, State College
  • 838 West Aaron Drive, State College
  • 5A Meadow Flower Circle
  • 430 Tulira Lane, State College
  • 250 Plainfield Drive, PA Furnace
  • 112-100 Jefferson Avenue, State College
  • 3014 Fairchild Lane, State College
  • Aster Avenue, Lot 47, Bellefonte
  • 1351 North Allen Street, State College
  • 100 South Harvest Run Road, State College
  • 1963 Norwood Lane, State College
  • 122 Grant Circle, Bellefonte
  • 19 North 9th Street, Philipsburg
  • 1116 Ghaner Road, Port Matilda
  • 132 Gibson Place, Port Matilda
  • 708 East High Street, Bellefonte
  • 651 West Hillside Avenue, State College
  • 135 Scotts Lane, Tyrone
  • 1943 Harvest Circle, State College
  • 722 Tanager Drive, State College
  • 2465 Circleville Road #117, State College
  • 564 Sinking Creek Road, Spring Mills
  • 141 Villa Crest Drive, State College
  • 118 Barrens Court, Port Matilda
  • 806 Stratford Drive #37, State College
  • 144 Jonathon Lane, Bellefonte
  • 1159 Valley View Road, Bellefonte
  • 159 Exeter Lane, Bellefonte
  • 144 Whippoorwill Lane, Moshannon
  • 209 Greenbrook Drive, Pleasant Gap
  • 165 Jefferson Circle, Bellefonte
  • 1192 Barnstable Lane, State College
  • 207 East High Street, Bellefonte
  • 1516-1518 North Allen Street, State College
  • 802 Hadden Court, State College
  • 314 Aster Avenue, Bellefonte
  • 1322 Pine Circle, Bellefonte
  • 376 Farmstead Lane, State College
  • 4A Meadow Flower Circle, Bellefonte
  • 910 West Fairmount Avenue, State College
  • 810 Stratford Drive, State College
  • 112 & 114 Thomas Street, Bellefonte
  • 116 Sadie Lane, State College
  • 3074 Sheffield Drive, State College
  • 108 Lincoln Avenue 7C, State College
  • 719 Oakwood Avenue, State College
  • 324 Puddintown Drive, State College
  • 823 Galen Drive, State College
  • 915 Southgate Drive #12, State College
  • 3973 Boulder Drive, Warriors Mark
  • 119 Maple Lane, State College
  • 1313 Linn Street, State College
  • 227-229 East Bishop Street, Bellefonte
  • 301 Aster Avenue, Bellefonte
  • 360 South Main Street, Pleasant Gap
  • 55 Greenmeadow Lane, Port Matilda
  • 455 Windmere Drive 3C, State College
  • 217 Meadow Lane, Bellefonte
  • 1088 Sunnyside Hollow, Port Matilda
  • Lot 12 East Road, Clarence
  • 2025 Halfmoon Valley, Port Matilda
  • 740 Galen Drive, State College
  • 498 Meckley Road, State College
  • 494 Meckley Road, State College
  • 333 West Park Avenue, State College
  • 157 Garret Way, Port Matilda
  • 217-219 South Pugh Street
  • 374 Meadow Flower Circle, Bellefonte
  • Lot 2 Rapp Road, Blanchard
  • Lot 73 - 166 Teasel Way, Bellefonte
  • Lot 77 - 122 Teasel Way, Bellefonte
  • 219 Main Road, Spring Mills
  • 305 2nd Street, Bellefonte
  • 307 Pebble Lane, Bellefonte
  • 1231 College Avenue E, Pleasant Gap
  • 318 Hughes Street, Bellefonte
  • 500 Pike Street, State College
  • 124 S Main Street, Pleasant Gap
  • 119 Birchtree Court, State College
  • 646 Nittany Valley Drive, Bellefonte
  • 107 Quincy Avenue, State College
  • 65 Buckhorn Road, Port Matilda
  • 1027 Houserville Road, State College
  • 100-125 Jefferson Avenue, State College
  • 186 Farmington Lane, Bellefonte
  • 3B Meadow Flower Circle, Bellefonte
  • 930 Fir Drive, State College
  • 119 Ashwood Place, Port Matilda
  • 2438 Setter Run Lane, State College
  • 140 Bradford Court, State College

What My Clients Have to Say....

“Highly professional and understands the importance of meeting the demands/expectations of his clients. I definitely recommend Peter for any real estate needs because of his knowledge and experience. I think when it comes to dealing with either selling your home or purchasing a home, it is critical to find a realtor that is highly knowledgeable in his field of expertise; in addition, knows the area well and highly reputable. Because I know Peter definitely worked extremely hard to stand by his highly regarded reputation in the State College/Port Matilda area. Peter also has an assistant Laural Cardillo that is available to answer questions and assists with anything you will need so that makes it so much easier when you know as a client you are able to reach someone for assistance at all times. A personal touch to this review for Peter is that when we purchased our home, we had a window that needed to be repaired after inspection. The seller obviously didn't want to spend a penny on fixing anything in the house; so to make the deal happen, Peter voluntarily assisted in fixing up our window. When we did the final walk thru, the window was not 100% fixed and actually needed a replacement. All in all, Peter was willing to pay up to $850 for repairing our master bedroom window. And honestly, I feel that with any realtor after the closing of the house... they could easily walk away from this matter. However, I definitely understand that Peter lives up to his good reputations in the area and with good word of mouth he is able to do better business in the future. Anyhow, he understands the importance of keeping a customer happy and sometimes it may mean making slightly less. Big Kudos for that! So, I definitely recommend choosing Peter if you are new to the State College area. Give him or his assistant Laural a call. They are both truly knowledgeable of the area and would assist you in picking just the right house.” - Yvonne X.

"Peter assisted us in the purchase of an investment property in State College, and to direct us to potential purchases in very short order. When a first purchase fell through for reasons having nothing to do with any of the parties, but with peculiarities of the State College Zoning Ordinance, he located an alternative property within days. His knowledge of the local market is encyclopedic, since he has spent most of his life in State College, and essentially all of his professional life in real estate." - Rose F.

"Peter is a wonderful person to work with regarding his personality, knowledge, and expertise. He helped to get my home sold, which was not sold by two other realtors in three years. I don't believe he has magic, but however he can bring an offer to you. Highly recommended!" - Greg N.

"Smart and professional with good local knowledge. He helped list and sell our property for exactly what he told us. Not a pushy seller either as he has shown us property - very honest. I highly recommend Peter for both buying or selling." - Adam F.

"Peter and his team were easy to work with and went above and beyond the call of duty when needed. I always felt at ease knowing that he was on my side. He was eager to explain details of our transaction and did so openly and honestly." - Beth S.

"We were completely satisfied in our dealings with Peter, who represented us in the sale of our home. He is honest, knowledgeable, possess a strong work-ethic, and really hustles to ensure your deal is closed as fairly and expeditiously as possible. Overall, we were one-hundred percent satisfied in our dealings with Peter and his real-estate team." - Todd S.

"I worked with Peter and Laurel when looking to purchase my home starting last Spring. Laurel was great when it came to accommodating my every want to go look at every house I Thought I might like either that day or the next day. I could not have been any happier with the follow up services and the overall customer service that I received while working with Laurel and Peter. They are great!" - Christa S.

"Mr. Chiarkas was very professional. I really didn't know what I wanted to buy and he helped me sort out what I wanted and needed before the purchase. After the sale he kept in touch to make sure everything was ok. I couldn't have asked more of both him and the Realtor." - Greg S.

"Peter was very prompt in helping me to view multiple different homes in the general vicinity of where I intended to move. He was very patient and did not attempt to "sell" any of the residences to me .I was hoping that Peter would handle the entire process from viewing to closing but due to a business trip, my negotiation, inspections, etc., were handled by another agent. However, I thought he did a great job and would definitely recommend him to other prospective buyers." - Renee K.

"Peter has exceptional knowledge of the local markets, and the details of a real estate transaction and is always working in the best interests of his clients. His staff is also very professional and makes sure everything is completed properly and in a timely manner." - George B.

"Peter sold my house on the first day, full asking price. I really appreciated that he was able to market the house so that potential buyers came in very quickly. He also advised me on an appropriate price point using appropriate comparable houses in my neighborhood. I understand buyers were coming from far away as Virginia. What more can I say!" - Deb C.

"Peter Chiarkas is a very respectable business man. He was very helpful in getting the house sold in a short period of time. He also kept us updated on everything that was going on. I would not hesitate to recommend Peter to anyone who wants to sell their house. Very professional." - Linda M.

"Professional and diligent. Excellent and prompt responses to questions. Personable and easy to work with. All in all a very good experience using Peter as a realtor to sell a house." - Hallie H.

"Peter Chiarkas listed and sold a property for us within 2 days. He is highly professional and has a high rate of follow through. He is very fair and honest." - Avis K.

"Peter was excellent to work with. He always made himself available, was very knowledgeable about the properties we looked at, and got us answers to questions he wasn't able to address." - Val B.

"Peter was very professional in all our dealings with him. He listened to our long list of wants and needs and was patient with us throughout the long process of finding just the right place. He is also supported by a friendly and competent staff. I would highly recommend Peter to anyone looking for a superb real estate agent. He has all the skills needed to get you into the home you're looking for, from listing and selling your current home or closing the deal on your dream home. Professional, friendly and competent." - Bev B.

"Our townhouse was listed and under contract within two weeks. Promotional materials were quickly collected and distributed, negotiations for repairs prior to finalization of the contract were handled smoothly, all paperwork and communications were completed accurately and quickly." - Kassie L.

 “Great understanding of the area and very keyed in on investment opportunities. Working with Peter was very rewarding and I would recommend he and his team to any serious investors in the Centre County area.” - Ryan T.

 “Peter was very professional and knowledgeable. Peter had the knowledge and market insight to list our house at the right price-point. While the average time on market at that time was about 90 days, Peter had ours sold in 35 days, and at nearly full asking price!  I can’t thank Peter enough for the service he provided my wife and me.” - Doug F.

 “I have worked with Peter Chiarkas twice. About ten years ago, when I was going to sell my home, I worked with three agents from 3 different realties. One of them was Peter. Through the process I decided not to sell my home, however, of the three agents, I knew, if I were to sell, I would call Peter. He is self-assured, knows what he is doing, isn't pushy and yet is very caring. So in 2010, I decided to sell and I called Peter and everything, EVERYTHING went smoothly. I trusted that he knew me and was behind me. Peter has a very calming effect. He is efficient, professional, and very knowledgeable about all the details of selling a house such as the right paper work, time frames, the right people to contact for inspection, how to set up showing the house without stress, and how to negotiate. He follows up on what he says he will do. He is also very good at explaining all the paper work in a clear and concise way so that you feel well informed.. I highly recommend him as an agent.” - Christine D.

 “Peter was very honest with us regarding our home and the possibilities. We were kept up to date on the activity regarding our home sale and the home sales in our area. Peter was available at any time to discuss our options to ensure we were happy with the sale of our home.” - Erin F.

 “Peter sold us a house, and sold our house while we lived in State College. He made our experiences very enjoyable. His vast knowledge of the area opened up opportunities we would not of known about. Being Transplants to State College, the TLC he provided helped us bond immediately with him as partners. His evaluation of the market was spot on and allowed us to sell our home within a week, while protecting our equity. If I was trying to make a choice on what agent to pick in State College, it wouldn't be close. Peter is your man hands down! A special mix of great people skills with solid business acumen.” - Steve G.

 “Peter conducted the "paperwork" portion on the closing of my mother-in-laws condo - title search, attorney, etc. (We had a private buyer, and did not utilize his negotiation skills, although I have no doubt we would have had a positive outcome.) Peter was very knowledgable and constantly kept me in the loop concerning the details of the closing. If the need should arise, I would certainly use Peter as my realtor.”  - Cindy K. 



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