Fall is a great time to list your home!

If you think that you’ve missed the market for selling your home now that the leaves are starting to turn – think again. Although the beginning of autumn was once the end of the best home sale season, it’s no longer the case. Here are 3 helpful hints to prepare for a Fall Sale.

Hint #1.  In order to attract buyers this time of year, it’s important to pay attention to some often-overlooked tips that can set your living space apart from the rest.  Call your landscaper or designate a weekend to spruce up your yard.  Let’s get cleaned up, pruned and free of overgrowth from the warm weather.  Plant some beautiful, bright, seasonal flowers.  It’s almost time to rake those leaves and lay new mulch if you need to. The dog days of summer have passed, but that doesn’t mean your lawn or landscaping should be forgotten; be sure to keep up with its maintenance.  It’s the first impression of your home and if it’s messy and neglected, what do you think buyers will assume before walking into your home?  

Hint #2:  Price it to sell!  Most buyers from out of town are already moved into their new homes.  The primary buyer for your home now is someone local who wants to move up or is looking for their first home.  Historically buyers think they will get a deal in the fall because the buying season is over.  Not true, but new listings need to be priced right in order to compete.  Sometimes that buyer who priced too high in the spring and summer is now willing to drop their price.  Be smart and price yours right to start with.  That way you will get a great price and a quick sale.

Hint #3:  Fix and Improve!  Look over the interior of your house.  What has been on your “Honey-Do” list forever?  Fixing problems now gives you an advantage over sellers who don’t want to take the time.  Make those repairs now.  Your get your biggest bang from fresh paint.  Fix screens, drippy faucets, have your furnace serviced.  If you’ve lived with it so long that you just don’t see it anymore, ask your Realtor to walk through and give suggestions.  Staging has become an important aspect of selling a home and we make it a big part of our selling strategy.  Staging presents the best features of the home as well as allowing buyers to see it’s true potential.

Don’t Forget…..The Holiday Season is coming.   Don’t over decorate.  Keep decorations to a minimum, a lovely wreath on the front door, some seasonal colors, etc.  Don’t become the Griswold’s at Christmas!  If buyers have to weave through the decorations, they will be looking at your stuff and not your house.  Less is more during the sales period.


Happy Selling from Jane and Kristin Cohick!   “You’re Home in Happy Valley”

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