Making moving less stressful

Here at KBB, we know that relocation can be one of the most exciting times in a person's life. It's an adventure starting anew in a different city or state, but like most adventures, a lack of preparation can really hamper the excitement. 

For some, planning and logistics can be enjoyable, but for others, it's just stressful. Below are a few tips that we've learned over the years; whether it's your first move or your last, these suggestions could save you time, money and frustration.

 THINK AHEAD: We know very few people who actually enjoy packing, but with sufficient time, it can be a manageable and cathartic task.

We recommend this as a time to part with items that are no longer needed. It's a great time to get organized; think of it as a "spring cleaning" of sorts. Labeling or color coding boxes by room could be a smart idea, making unpacking that much easier. Remember: Getting organized now will save you some of the hassle of getting organized in your new home. 

We also recommend assembling all of your moving documents in one place, so they're available leading up to the day of the move. It's great to have these available digitally, allowing central access to them whenever they're needed.

Something else to consider is cutting back on groceries leading up to your move. This can not only save food but could also save you a few dollars by eating what's already in the fridge. Plus, the less you have to pack away last-minute, the better.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND STAY ORGANIZED: Whether online or in-person, we recommend learning as much about your new location as possible. Check out the neighborhoods, restaurants, shopping and your new home's proximity to work and recreation. Every location has a different atmosphere, and knowing what you're getting into will help you adjust that much quicker. If unable to visit in person, ask a real estate professional to send a relocation package for your new area.

We also recommend that about two months before the move you start researching moving companies and arranging travel. It's always better to do this sooner rather than later.

And when the big day finally comes, make sure you have a list of the items being transported to make sure nothing is missing upon arrival.

HAVE A RELOCATION BUDGET: Don't underestimate the cost of moving; it can be costly! From supplies to transportation costs, it adds up fast. On top of that, you may have costs associated with setting up your new home that you didn't expect. Make sure you have enough money on hand to make it through the first few days, with items like cleaning supplies and toiletries a must.

IS IT TAX DEDUCTIBLE?: It may be surprising to learn that moving costs can be tax deductible. However, certain criteria must be met to get a tax refund for the cost of relocation. The best way to learn the ins and outs of a tax-deductible move are to consult a tax professional. Knowing that some of your moving expenses will find their way back to your bank account can be a stress reliever.

– KEEP IN TOUCH: Moving can not only be hard on you, but loved ones as well. Make use of 21st century technology to stay in touch with friends and family you may be leaving behind. It's a great way to stay grounded as you begin this new chapter in life.

 IT'S ALL IN THE DETAILS: There are many smaller items that will need your attention. Have you remembered to change your address with the post office and other businesses? Have you lined up a new doctor and transferred your medical records and prescriptions? What about your local bank account? All these items and more will probably need your attention before moving day.

At the end of the move, you'll be happy you planned ahead. But that planning isn't always easy, especially when moving to an unfamiliar area. That's why we're here to help in any way we can. Reach out to us here with your moving-related or real estate questions or send us an email at

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