Preping Your Home for Cooler Weather

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We hope that this finds you well!

Since colder weather will start arriving before we know it,  we thought now would be a great time to share a few tidbits on prepping your home.  Fall is the perfect time to get things done, whether big or small, and with a few simple tasks, you can be ready to go in a minimal amount of time.

First up…gutters! Take a few minutes to inspect and clean out your gutters. That way, you have less worry about ice build up during the winter.

Sealing gaps & cracks around windows, doors, or any small spaces that may allow for cool air to creep in, is a must! This maximizes energy conservation and helps trap heat in, instead of allowing it to flow out.

Check your roof (with caution of course!), for any damaged shingles or leaky vents. This can be a huge preventative measure, especially during the winter months, when large amounts of snow and ice build up. The last thing you want during a very cold winter day is a leaky roof!

Cleaning, servicing, and replacing a dirty furnace filter is a very cheap but efficient way of making sure your furnace is running smoothly! We all love to be toasty and warm so take a few minutes to assure your furnace is operating at its top capacity.

Before getting too comfy and cozy in front of that warm fireplace, make sure you have your chimney and vents clean and in good repair. This helps prevent chimney fires and also helps to prevent carbon monoxide from sneaking its way into your home.

We hope that these helpful tips will come into good use for you and your family in the next few weeks! Preventative measures and home maintenance are a top priority that we can not stress enough. Take a few hours (really, that’s all it will take!) and make sure that your home is prepped and ready to go.

We look forward to “chatting” with you again soon! Until next time….

Warmest Regards,

Joni, Aliana, Lindsey, & Katie

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