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Discovering what is really important to you, is really important to us. 

Beth Richards, Associate Broker:

Beth consults, negotiates and oversees the care of each transaction.  She successfully helps clients achieve their goals by providing sound market research, current market feedback and advanced negotiating strategies. You can relax and feel confident she and her group have effective systems in place throughout the entire buying and selling process. Beth is devoted to providing the highest level of personal service and the attention you need every step of the way.

Sandy Stover, REALTOR:

Sandy is committed to client-centered transactions focusing specifically on consulting, negotiating and organizing details. She understands the importance of building a solid foundation through effective communication and earning trust. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she exemplifies an optimistic outlook and strong work ethic. Sandy's character along with diverse skills and experience in sales/customer service deliver a positive outcome.


Kathy Gabbard, Buyer Agent:

Experience, enthusiasm and energy are words that perfectly describe Kathy, as she assists our buyers to locate and purchase a property. She listens attentively and consults with our clients to understand what’s important to them. Kathy conducts relevant research, shares important market information, shows property, writes effective contracts and skillfully negotiates terms.


Patty Timbers, Listing Advisor:

Client-focused and service-oriented, Patty understands our seller’s property is one of their greatest assets. She is sensitive to the various challenges and emotions our seller clients encounter. Her passion is to highlight a home’s strengths and value through staging strategically, obtaining outstanding photographs and writing effective descriptions. Patty’s creativity, attention to detail and experience ensure our seller client’s properties stand out among the competition.


Mary Balboni, Seller Advocate:

Mary takes pleasure in making the selling process easy and worry free. She is in the office and available M-F. Mary is highly organized, attentive to details and a proactive problem solver. Once your home is under contract, she will work diligently throughout the completion of the transaction by:  distributing necessary documentation, verifying the buyer’s loan commitment, facilitating the inspection process and communicating with buyer agents, attorneys and closing agents.


Beth Richards

Beth Richards

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