Equipped.­­   Poised.­­   Engaged.

The richards | stover group is devoted to providing high quality, trustworthy service to buyers and sellers of residential real estate.­

Our principles are beliefs we hold as truth that provide the foundation on which we conduct our lives and our business. If these principles are a good fit for you, the richards | stover group can provide the tools, systems and strategies to accomplish your real estate­ goals:

Character.­  We believe character is what builds a great life and business. Therefore, we are willing to do whatever it takes to align our behavior with our intentions.

Service.­  We respect the people­ we serve, which means ­we strive to exceed expectations.

Commitment.  We recognize clients are seeking advice and counsel that best serves their lives. Therefore, we conduct ourselves as their consultants for life versus a salesperson for a transaction.

Relationships.  We believe the only genuine way communication can be given is when it comes from the heart. We seek to communicate sincere caring for the people with whom we are consulting. This means we are willing to set aside our agendas for theirs.

Values.  We believe that decision making is easy when our values are clear. Therefore, we understand our values and help our clients focus on theirs. We both gain clarity and build the trust that is needed to take action.

Truth.  By speaking the truth, we become trustworthy. To be trusted we have to extend ourselves by being available, by volunteering information, by sharing our personal experiences, and by making connections with the experiences and aspirations of our clients.

Growth.­  We believe that learning is a lifelong process, not the acquisition of an idea. We come to understand that evolving our competence and our character is a lifelong journey. We seek in others, and in ourselves, progress--not perfection.

We strive daily to create renewed feelings of hope, caring and enthusiasm.