Agent Highlight: Doc Savage

Agent Highlight: Doc Savage

Question: Why Real Estate?

Doc's Answer: Melissa inspired me towards my decision to enter the Real Estate profession. She is always so excited when she finds someone the home of their dreams and I want to experience that same sensation. I’m nearing retirement in my current profession and couldn’t think of a better way to stay involved in the community, grow as an individual, and help others.

Question: What's your favorite part of the job?

Doc's Answer: I’ve been licensed for nine months now, and my favorite part of the job is meeting so many interesting people and listening to their stories. It’s in my nature to truly listen and understand others and then try to help them achieve their goals, Real Estate is the perfect setting for that.

 Question: What's something most people don't know about you?

Doc's Answer: I’m not a doctor! The nickname comes from one of my first hockey games at Penn State where my stick might have accidentally hit an opponent across the head. The guys started calling me Doctor Hook from the movie Slapshot and the nickname has stuck since then. My real name is William (Bill).

Question: What are some interesting facts about you?

Doc's Answer: I work the penalty box for the PSU men’s and women’s ice hockey games and have been known to occasionally slip the players some M&M’s or Snickers to boost their energy. Sometimes it works and break away goals out of the box have happened.

I own a house on 11 acres just outside of town and have an outdoor ice rink on my property in the winter. Local families and friends enjoy the open opportunities to skate there and they share in the responsibilities of ice maintenance with shovels and our handmade Zamboni. We have a hot dog maker too and you never know when some local celebrities might show up. In the summer we play horseshoes and cornhole.

I am also currently a Fisheries Biologist and review transportation projects across the state of Pennsylvania. As part of that job, I am familiar with state and federal environmental regulations relating to streams and wetlands as well as threatened and endangered species conservation.

A few favorites around town include Brother’s pizza, Champs wings, Applebee’s French onion soup, a whiskey sour at Local Whiskey, anything other than an IPA at VooDoo, a flight of red at University Wine Company, and Italian at Jim’s in Bellefonte. Did I forget to mention fried chicken at Burkholders or corn on the cob from Harners?

I enjoy playing golf with Melissa and we make pretty good golf scramble partners, so if you need a third and fourth, let us know.

Doc Savage
C: 814-883-1322
O: 814-234-4000 x3320

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