Agent Highlight: Paul Confer

Agent Highlight: Paul Confer

Question: Why Real Estate?

Paul's Answer: Home ownership is a worldwide phenomenon that identifies a person with a community, gives stability, and builds wealth accordingly.  My wife, Lois, and I lived in 17 homes during our international assignments during our first 25 years of marriage.  Having your own place, decorated your own way, and being a long-term part of a neighborhood was something we were ready for.  We also saw the difference investment properties made for the many landlords we knew and “sponsored!”.  We have helped more than 1300 homeowners in their purchase and sale of a home in the past 20 years in real estate and we have only moved ONCE since our career in real estate.

Question: What's your favorite part of the job?

Paul's Answer: I love when I sit down with the Seller of a home I have marketed and present an offer that they are happy to sign!  Parallel is to show a Buyer a home that within moments of entering they say, “this checks most of the boxes, I want this home!”. To write the contract, and see the anticipation of closing day at the closing table, it is so much fun to hand them the keys and say, “Welcome Home.”

Question: What's something most people don't know about you?

Paul's Answer: Adventure became an adult trait I still enjoy! One of my most adventurous world trips was to take in the Taj Majal at Agra, India and also to Kathmandu, Nepal adding chartered flight of Mt. Everest.  My most disappointing adventure was a 73-hour bus ride through the Andes to see Mt. Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in this hemisphere and it was “socked in” and never got to see anything but the base.  My most dreadful adventure was to be in Port-au-Prince, Haiti when the tragic earthquake of 2010 killed 230,000+.  There was nothing like the flight back to University Park Airport, PA and to embrace so many friends and family with an unprecedented, “WELCOME HOME!”. 

Paul Confer
C: 814-404-1541
O: 814-234-4000 x3126

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