CATA Corner: Restaurants, galleries & more in Boalsburg

Just a short drive from Penn State's campus lies the quaint village of Boalsburg, known to many as the birthplace of Memorial Day. As you stroll through the town square you’ll be transported to another time, when the pace of life was slower and neighbors always took the time to say hello. Located a few miles south of State College, the village is easily accessible by car or bus.

The B/Boalsburg bus is an efficient way to make it from campus to this historic village, with lots of options for fun and entertainment along the way.

You can catch the B/Boalsburg bus at various stops downtown and on campus: along Curtin Road, Burrowes Road, East Beaver Avenue or University Drive. This route runs weekdays only, with buses running four to five times per day. Another option – albeit with less stops in and around Boalsburg – would be the P/Tussey Mountain bus. This route will still get you in close proximity to the village of Boalsburg, and also hits many popular spots along nearby South Atherton Street. You can catch the P bus downtown at Pugh Street, on portions of College and Beaver avenues, on Burrowes Road and on a portion of North Atherton Street.

As you ride the B, you’ll head south on University Drive, passing a number of residential buildings and the Social Security Office. Stops abound along the route for locals and visitors alike.

As the bus makes its way to Atherton Street, you’ll pass hotels, museums and dining and shopping options. Stops are made at some of these, including the Columbus Chapel & Boal Mansion Museum, and the Pennsylvania Military Museum.

These two unique museums are worth a stop, especially for history and military buffs. Opened to the public in 1969, the military museum offers a look into local and state military history. With its indoor artifacts and outdoor monuments and shrine, there’s something to see in every season.

The Columbus Chapel & Boal Mansion Museum is also open year-round, but you may need to schedule a tour in advance depending on the season. It’s well worth the effort however, as this museum offers a unique look at the American experience throughout history. Home to the Boal family for eight generations and over 200 years, there’s a plethora of artifacts, including the museum’s crown jewel: The Columbus Chapel. Imported by a Boal ancestor related to Columbus through marriage, this is one of the most important artifacts relating to Christopher Columbus on the North American continent.

From here, continue into Boalsburg Village and its surrounds to find great dining, including the likes of Kelly’s Steak & Seafood, the historic Duffy’s Tavern and the Pump Station Café. Perhaps you’d like to pick up some fresh produce and other locally-sourced products, found at the Boalsburg Farmers Market every Tuesday.

Golf lovers can continue down the B line to Mountain View Country Club, a public club known for its value. While you’re here, consider a bite to eat at The View Restaurant & Bar, which offers spectacular views of Tussey Mountain Ski Area and Mount Nittany. Past the country club on the B line, popular housing developments such as Kaywood, Willowbrook and Liberty Hill can be found.

You may want to consider the P bus for your trip as well. Although offering fewer stops near Boalsburg, this route – unlike the B – runs on Saturdays. It also runs more frequently.

Additional points of interest on the B route include the shops at Hills Plaza (Ollie’s, Giant, IHOP, Taco Bell), the shops at Creekside Plaza (Honey Ham, KFC, Rothrock Coffee) and Geisinger Scenery Park. The last stop on this route is Tussey Mountain Ski Area, which offers winter activities like skiing, snowboarding and tubing, plus other seasonal activities like golf, go-karts, batting cages, a driving range and skate park.

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