Who We Are

Bell Ringing for IHS (Interfaith Human Services)

Interfaith Human Services (IHS) in State College, Pennsylvania

Are you familiary with the good work of IHS?  They help so many people and in different ways.  They help with heat from January through March by providiing free heating oil, wood, coal, and propane to qualified, low-income Centre County residents.  They help with basic needs financial assistance in the face of a crisis or unexpected/unavoidable unfortunate circumstance.  IHS recycles furniture and appliances and provides them to people in need.  They provide financial care programs to help people achieve and maintain financial stability.  KBB agents rang bells at Meyer's Dairy to help raise funds for their Wishing Well campaign.  If you want to help, you can donate here: https://www.interfaithhumanservices.org/wishing%20well/