Hiking in State College - Musser Gap

There are many great hikes and trails throughout Centre County and one that should not be missed is Musser Gap! It's a gateway to the Rothrock State Forest and you'll easily find the trailhead just off of Rt 45 (Shingletown Road) where you will also find a large parking lot as it's a pretty popular place to enjoy the outdoors in State College. 

The trail begins as a wide, well-traveled route with a barely perceivable ascent and it is absolutely beautiful in all 4 seasons. As you go further along Musser Gap trail and through the forest, you'll find there are several trails you can take. My favorite is the Frog Hollow Trail which leads to the Lions Valley Vista. That point provides an extraordinary view of Happy Valley (particularly in the winter when the trees are bare). The entire property consists of 423 acres with streams and a picturesque bridge crossing the water. Whether you are an experienced hiker or just giving it a try for the first time, you'll find beauty and enjoyable, healthy exercise at Musser Gap. Give it a try and you'll be glad you did!

More Information: Musser Gap Recreation Area, Rothrock State Forest.

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