Home Tips: How to get more kitchen storage

Home Tips: How to get more kitchen storage

If you are looking to sell your home or on the search for a new one, storage space is an important aspect for some people as you are on the move. There are many different ways to store and organize your belongings in your home but here are a few that you can keep with you- and in particular in your kitchen!

The kitchen is a space that can easily get cluttered and needs cleaned often.. I think we can agree there's always something that needs wiped off the counter space! 

How to squeeze in more kitchen storage:

1. Clever Compartments - Pullout shelves make getting meals out super convenient, and reduce counter clutter

2. Using up wall space: If you have a higher ceiling try implementing space above your reach to store things; a shelf or more cabinets.

3. Put in some nooks: Not all cabinet features have to be doors and drawers. You can have an island cabinet, a tucked-away cubby that takes place of a drawer & becomes the perfetc hideaway for those clukcy rolls of paper towels. The towel dispenser could also be strategically located near the sink & main counttertop work surface.

4. Go under the floor: Interior walls, floors and ceilings are mostly hollow. Although pipes, wores and ducts run between framing members, some of these spaces are free and clear and can be converted to shelving and storage. 

5. Add storage between wall studs: Older homes ofter have their quirks- short walls and bump-outs that may actually be hollow. If you're brave enough to open up walls to investigate, you might discover unused space that can be converted to storage. 

6. Try portable storage: Commercial-style wheeled shelving puts kitchen storage right where you need it. Other kinds of moveable kitchen storage include work islands, wine racks, and computer stations. For $100 to $5000, movable storage is a good investment- you can take it with you when you move to another house. 

7. Install Pull-Out Shelves: Who says you have to use closets to hang clothes or stash brooms? With a little carpentry work, a former broom closet can be converted to a handy pantry. Pull-out shleves bring eberything into view- no fumbling around the back of shelves for that last jar of pickled beans. 

8. Give a clue of what's inside: A happy medium between solid- and-open-front cabinets, sleek uppers that feature small openings that flash hints of what's inside. Pure white wallks, celing, and cabinets reflect lots of light- an especially smart strategy when it comes to kitchen remodeling. 

* All Tips from houselogic.com article

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