Improving Your Home: A Bathroom Refresh

While your bathroom may not be the highlight of your home, it will most likely receive its fair share of visitors! For that reason alone, it’s worth a little special attention to its design and décor. Also consider that bathroom upgrades can provide a great return on investment.

Fortunately, most bathrooms are small spaces and don’t require a lot of time, money or effort to transform them for the better. Even if you’re not looking for a complete bathroom makeover, consider just one or two of these ideas to take your water closet to the next level. Many of these projects can be completed in just a single day!

  1. Give your vanity a makeover. If your vanity has good bones, there’s no need to scrap – a simple facelift will do! There are many ideas online, but a simple paint of coat and new hardward can work wonders. A vintage or distressed look could be the way to go – it’s very popular these days, and many tutorials are available!
  2. Oh, what some paint can do! The color of your paint sets the mood for a room, so we recommend doing some research into color theory to help choose the right color. Many will enjoy a tranquil watercolor shade, but it’s your bathroom … the choice is yours! Other popular options include taupe, soft gray, bright white, charcoal, light blue, light green and pistachio.
  3. A new faucet and showerhead can look good and save money. Updating your bathroom hardware can give your bathroom a whole new feel! There’s so many choices in this day and age, but we recommend choosing products that match the overall hardware style of your home. For many, traditional styles will work. You’ll know if contemporary options are right for you, but don’t rule out transitional styles, which blend traditional and contemporary styles into curved lines that flow in an elegant way. You may also want to consider matching fixtures from other parts of your home. For the budget-conscious, WaterSense-labeled faucets can help you save water and in turn money over the long run.
  4. Utilize your space with a new cabinet. In many bathrooms, a picture or small shelf hangs above the commode. But you can do better … and have more storage! Consider a bath cabinet that offers about three times the space as a common medicine cabinet. You can purchase these in a variety of styles, but they’re easy to make yourself with a little handiwork! Simple joinery and store-bought doors mean you can turn this project around quickly and affordably.
  5. Install a dimmer. While abundant light can be nice for trimming and self-care, low light is soothing and conducive to relaxing your body for bedtime. That’s why installing a dimmer can be perfect for nighttime bathroom trips or simply for taking a relaxing bath. It’s a bit more difficult than changing a switch and connecting a few wires – you’ll need to do some research to make sure it’s done safely and properly.
  6. Add accent tile. Tiling a bathroom doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing … you can choose a small space and lay a tile backsplash to add interest. Adding tile to the vanity wall, around the mirror or in the shower can provide the perfect pop of color and create an elegant space!
  7. Towel warmers are a unique touch. For that luxurious, spa-like feel, this inexpensive and easy-to-install accessory will take your bathroom up a notch. You’ll love that fresh-out-of-the-dryer feel every time you get out of the shower … and so will your guests!
  8. Start your own windowsill arboretum. Did you know that houseplants are good for your health? Some studies have shown that they can improve concentration and productivity, reduce stress and boost your mood – meaning they have a place in the bathroom, too! Not to mention it’s the perfect place to grow them, with all that heat and humidity. Plants that should thrive in your bathroom might include aloe, azaleas and ferns. 

We hope this list moves you to upgrade your bathroom to its fullest potential! If you’re not a do-it-yourselfer but still find yourself inspired, we can help you find a designer or contractor in the State College area who can help you create the bathroom of your dreams. Give us a call today or any day – we’re here to help with your real estate-related needs, 24/7.

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