Improving Your Home | Design Trends

Improving Your Home | Design Trends 

When looking to buy or sell a home one of the main things people look for is seeing if the home designs are "On Trend". This would include adding features to  your home that would benefit the owner & improve the home for the future. 

Some examples of Design Trends could be anything from a fresh neutral color paint to adding in a double oven to your kitchen or custom countertop. 

During the pandemic, this has given homeowners the opportunity to add the updates to their homes that they may not have "had time" to add before. This has given them more time to be creative and add those desired design trends to certain aspects of their home and even add some extra value!

Current trends right now are office renovations since a lot of people are working from home and want to spruce up their office space. Another trend right now are outdoor projects. Some outdoor projects would include adding some homemade furniture or repurposing furniture to add a new, fresh look. 

From fire pits to pools, homeowners want to create a space where they can unwind, no matter how big or small their outdoor space may be. They’re bringing in comfortable seating and dining areas to make it easy to relax or even work outside.

Along with the home office & outdoor areas being updated; Re-organizing closets/cabinets.. etc. are a popular subject. It makes a huge difference cleaning out a space and creating more space for new things and finding things that you may not have had before. 

Creating a space that is comfortable, cozy & on trend is something that will make you happy in your living space and also be inviting to others. 

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