Improving Your Home: Easy Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

Whether you’re looking to sell or just want to make some improvements for your own enjoyment, boosting your home’s curb appeal is often easy and inexpensive. Your home’s exterior is the first thing guests see, so make sure it matches the attention to detail you’ve given your home’s interior! Below is a list of some of our favorite projects, aimed at transforming your home into the most eye-catching on the block!

  • Stand out with a bold door. Don’t be envious of your neighbor’s inviting front door – paint your own! It will likely cost about $75, and even the most inexperienced do-it-yourselfer can handle it. Choose a bold color that enhances -- rather than clashes with -- your current exterior color scheme. Go bright, but make sure you hold up a swatch beforehand.
  • It’s all about the greenery. One of the simplest ways to boost curb appeal is to renew planter beds. Plants can become unruly without attention, so annual pruning and pulling of weeds can make a big difference to visitors. While maintaining your beds, you may want to upgrade your mulch, which tends to fade over time. If you’ve got stone or brick borders, this is a great time to clean them and reset any pieces that have become soiled or dislodged. If you’ve got minimal landscaping, now may be the time to add some. When planning new planter beds, consider framing your home with plants rather than obscuring it. For a lower-maintenance look, consider adding portable planters and window boxes. For a traditional look, consider boxes made of copper or iron; for a cottage feel, try painted wood. You can use a variety of plants here – feel free to mix and match to suit lighting conditions and your color scheme.
  • Let light guide the way. A dark entryway is a no-go; consider having a sconce or hanging pendant by the front door. Don’t be afraid to choose a fixture with a little personality – the idea is to make if feel like your home! Bring in even more light with solar-powered LEDs along a walkway, or by hanging string lights.
  • New hardware is a nice finishing touch. In addition to painting your front and garage door, you might want to think about upgrading their hardware, too. We recommend choosing a color that contrasts with the door’s color. You may want to consider a fun touch like a door knocker for guests to use!
  • Clean it off. Break out the pressure washer and give your home a good blast – but be careful not to damage your home with too much pressure! A good rule of thumb is to do this once a year, with additional cleanings when needed. This is also a great time to inspect your home for cracks, mold or rotting material, which can quickly downgrade your home’s aesthetic. For a more drastic (and pricier) upgrade, consider new paint, siding or trim details. You may want to consider upgrading your gutter system at this time, too. You may be able to match or compliment your new hardware – we love the look of copper gutters, for example. Also consider snap-fit vinyl gutter systems, which are easy to install and don’t require painting.
  • Pathways are inviting. A well-designed path to your home creates a welcoming atmosphere. Upgrade your standard concrete path with one made of stone or brick. If that’s too much of a project, consider adding a colored concrete resurfacer to the old walkway, and finishing it with an edge of brick or stone.
  • Outdoor furniture makes it feel like home. Outdoor furniture is another way to present a welcoming home, but utilized incorrectly it can clutter its appearance or make it feel scarce and neglected. Finding a balance is key, as is making sure the furniture chosen remains in good condition year after year.
  • Try a mailbox makeover. Mailboxes are a functional part of the home, but they can also express the owner’s personality. Simply adding a new mailbox may be enough to add visual interest, but you don’t have to stop there. Consider adding curb appeal by painting the mailbox’s post to match your home’s exterior color, or by adding a flowering garden below.
  • Tie in some outdoor art. Another way to add some character to your home is with weather-resistant artwork. Wind chimes and metal cutouts are good options, as are birdbaths and water sculptures. Not only will water features attract songbirds, but they provide a soothing sound that makes hot days feel cooler. Also consider adding some décor to your front door. Wreaths aren’t just for the holidays; they can provide a nice finishing touch to your entryway year-round.

These quick tips are just a beginning. We hope we’ve sparked some ideas and have inspired you to think creatively about your home’s exterior design. Perhaps you’d prefer to let the professionals do the work; in that case, we can recommend tried-and-true contractors, cleaners, designers and more. We’d love to help out in any way we can ... feel free to contact us for any of your real estate-related needs!

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