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Governor Wolf Specifies Regulations for His Plan to Re-Open Pennsylvania

In order to keep our website visitors informed with accurate information, we are posting this link to his update on April 23, 2020: https://www.governor.pa.gov/newsroom/wolf-administration-issues-guidance-as-construction-industry-prepares-to-resume-work-may-1/   At KBB we remain committed to safely helping our clients Sell and Buy real estate.  

The coronavirus pandemic has changed everyday life dramatically.  There is lots of confusion, fear, and uncertainty.  Yet, answers ease anxiety. Our primary goal, united as a business and individually as community members, is to do our part in limiting the damage this virus has done or is still capable of doing. We know how important "home" is and we know too that many people are caught in the 'in-between' stages during Governor Wolf's Stay at Home Order. Though we don't have all the answers, we have some of the answers and good guidance to offer you. We will continue to serve, to help you buy and sell with new methods yet only when that seems to be the right choice for you. We're doing virtual tours and making necessary time contingencies. We're bringing clarity to the choices you have at this time.  If nothing else, we can listen to you, understand your situation, and help you evaluate what is your next move (and when it's best to act on it).  By our career choice, we are problem solvers.  Its' what we do and it's whe we train for.  How can we help you through this? 

How Can We Help? Coronavirus Pandemic

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Kissinger Bigatel & Brower REALTORS has been helping buyers, sellers and investors with real estate in State College since 1933.  We've weathered tough storms in our 87 years as you can only imagine.  We live in this Centre County community and we LOVE this community.  We've helped so many people buy homes, sell homes, build homes, and build lives.  We know that we'll get through this tough time and we want you to know that too.  Call us at 814-234-4000 with any real estate concerns.  Let's stand together while standing apart.  If you need to sell real estate during this time, visit our page Selling Real Estate during COVID19 pandemic.