Non-IDX Listings

Occasionally, property owners want their property softly marketed to the public.  This can be for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the sellers are having work done to improve their home before it is shown. It is not uncommon for owners to put in new countertops, carpeting, doors, etc. to make their home more attractive to buyers. Perhaps the sellers need to delay moving for several months due to their unique circumstances.

So while they want to sell their home, it will take a special buyer who is willing and able to wait to take possession at a later date. Perhaps, it is a career change that is the catalyst for the move and it hasn't been announced yet at the company.  It could be for many different reasons. We in the Centre County Association of REALTORS, refer to these properties as 'Non-IDX' listings.

Non-IDX Listings - Properties that are for sale, but not advertised publicly.

When this happens, the listing agent is giving the responsibility of ensuring that qualified buyers are aware of the opportunity to purchase these homes. We create an 'in-house' data sheet with all the details and limited photos.  

We, at KBB, make this data sheet available to all other REALTORS in our association so they can share it with their buyers.  We are also glad to share it directly with buyers who are not yet working with a REALTOR and can accommodate these special circumstances.  

If you would like more information on any Non-IDX properties, call either of our State College offices listed below or email us at  [email protected].