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If you're relocating to State College for a new career or an education at Penn State University, you're so fortunate! Not only will you be working or learning at an outstanding university, but you'll also be living in a beautiful area.  We know. We've been here since 1933. Our founders have built neighborhoods and relationships. We've donated, time, talent, and treasures to keep this community the vibrant incredible community that it is.  We are grateful to call Happy Valley our home and we would LOVE to show you around; help you make your decision on moving here; and then, if the decision is to come here, we would love to help you find the perfect home (or rental).  We know the neighborhoods, the schools, the farms, the history, and we're helping to keep the future as bright as the past.  Trust us, the professionals at the number one brokerage in Centre County.  No other brokerage sells nearly as many homes as we do.  Why?  Because former clients refer friends, family, and colleagues to KBB so that they too may be treated to the best client care imaginable.

If you're coming to State College to rent, we invite you to view apartments for rent, homes for rent, and student housing for Penn State Students at ARPM.com. ARPM.com is one of the largest Property Management companies in the Centre County and they can help you find a rental.

Relocating for Penn State University

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