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Though most real estate buyers are searching for a home...residential property....there are many real estate buyers looking for that perfect plot of land where they can build their own home from start to finish.  Others may be in the market for a good solid investment like a rental property (quite a common investment here by Penn State University).  Still others may need to find the right location, configuration and ample square footage in which to start or relocate a business.  That's where we can help.  KBB knows how to market and purchase these distinct  types of real estate.

For investors, we know the numbers and present them to you so you can reach your targeted return on investment.  We can prepare APOD's and guide you through a financial analysis of each real estate investment you consider. We're capable of handling 1031 Exchanges which are a savy move to defer taxes on capital gains involving real estate.

For business owners seeking to buy or sell commercial propertieswe have experienced REALTORS who handle just these properties and they can guide the process and ensure a successful transaction.

As for farms, farmettes, rural properties and recreational properties....you will find that our Farm & Rural Properties Division LOVES what they do and knows all about this land.  From the soil, to the crops, to the fishing and hunting...they can answer your questions.  They know too, that obtaining financing for rural properties is different and can guide you through that process.