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(The service) couldn't have been any better! These ladies love what they do and it shows!

We really appreciate everything that you did for us. You all were always just so reliable, which seems like it may not be the highest praise, but in times of high emotional and financial stress, and complete upheaval of life and family, there is nothing that could be more helpful, comforting, sane-ifying (if I may coin a word) than to know that we were in such capable hands. 
    You’re a super pro, and you’ve got a great, well-organized team. It really was a pleasure. ~ Katie and Alex

My wife and I want to thank you (Kathy Gabbard) for the role you played in the sale of our home. We realize you were the agent for the buyers and you had no direct responsibilities to us. However, we benefited grately through your services as their agent. First, you must have done a masterful job on the Facetime tour of our house. That was all the information the buyers had prior to making their offer. Second, you kept our agent well informed regarding how things progressed, which was very helpful to us because of our need to meet financial obligations elswhere. We lived in our home for over 50 years. It was the only home we ever owned, so the sale was new and stressful experience for us...you played an important role in making the sale a success and we sincerely thank you for that. ~ Harry

My sister and I are ecstatic that our Father's properties have both sold. It wouldn't have happened without the knowledge and expertise of you and Mary, although I believe the entire Beth Richards Group had a hand in it at some point. It is amazing the challenges that you overcame... You always arose to the occasion and conquered the obstacles! ... When we look back to the start of this adventure, we are in awe of all you accomplished. We appreciate your attention to detail and your ability to change direction at a moment's notice to provide us the best service! Thank you so much for everything you did to accomplish these sales. You are awesome!


Good morning Beth...in the military, when an operation is completed, we do what is called an "after action report "  All it represents is an assessment of lessons learned and an identification of areas where continuous process improvement may apply.  It is a pause in the action to "take stock" of the past in order to better prepare for the future.  After the holidays and when time permits I will send you some feedback.  In the meantime, you have my sincere thanks and appreciation for your efforts and the sale of our house.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your team and best wishes for continued success and happiness in 2018 and beyond. I enjoyed working with you.  Stay well. Mac

Beth and her team were responsive and knowledgeable. I will refer friends without hesitation. Have had several experiences selling and buying properties. Beth is the benchmark for me now. ~ Louise


Just wanted to let you know that everything went well this afternoon any we are now in our new (old) house! Thanks to the whole Beth Richards team for everything you did for us and making it so easy.  Best, Matt and Kerry 


Thank you for everything. We were so glad that we had you and your team working with us. ~ Ruth

We really appreciate everything you all did for us. Professionalism, communication and very friendly service were positive aspects of our experience. ~ Jaime and Brad


Thanks so much for your help. You have a professional team and I would highly recommend your services. This was a trying experience and I wouldn't want to go through it again anytime soon, but your team made it easier. Thanks again. Lisa


We've enjoyed working with you all!!! I'm sure we will see you around. You are good at what you do and more importantly, good people! Many thanks.  ~ Marlene




* Just wanted to thank you all for your typical "Richards Group" excellence! It was always a pleasure to hear from any one of you and we were supremely confident that we had the very best group in State College as our team!!  ~ Jo and Vinnie


* We are very grateful to you for the amazing way you arranged for, and then accomplished, the sale of our house. We're still reeling--but also admiring your skill in being able to hand us two written offers las night. Thank you for your work. ~ Jim and Christy


* We are very excited... never imagined we would end up with a farm! We are happy with the whole experience. Please extend our thanks to Kathy and the rest of your team. ~ Julie and Joseph

* Your team is AMAZING and we couldn't be more grateful for your ongoing expertise and friendship. ~ Lisa




* Beth, Kathy, Patty and Mary were everything we could ask for! Our experience was positive, getting to know these ladies on a personal level. They taught us so much and became our friends. We will absolutely recommend The Beth Richards Group. Thank you!  ~ Leigh and Tim


* Once again a huge thank you to all of you. From rearranging our condo to picking up our clock... you did it all perfectly. Everything in between from start to finish you were all on target. We highly recommend you to our State College friends as we know what a fine professional service you provide. Our heartfelt thanks. ~ Maureen and Bob

* You and your team do the best job. Everyone raves about you, so it is easy to recommend you. Yes we are very lucky to live here. I love it! ~ Rich

* It's been an adventure for us to say the least and you made the difference... We knew we were in good hands, with good advice, and people who cared about us. Priceless. ~ Amy and Nick

* You can be sure we would most certainly recommend you to anyone we know who is buying or selling a home in the State College area. ~ Julia and Neil



* You and your team do the best job. Everyone raves about you, so it is easy to recommend you. Yes we are very lucky to live here. I love it! ~ Rich

* It's been an adventure for us to say the least and you made the difference... We knew we were in good hands, with good advice, and people who cared about us. Priceless. ~ Amy and Nick

* We will be sure to recommend you to everyone we see (even louder than we've been doing). ~ Ashton

* Between having four jobs between us, selling a house, buying a house and moving across the country this will not be a simple tax year for us. We already talked about how easy the sale went with your helpThanks again for everything.  ~ Brian

* We are thrilled to recommend you to anyone and will do so at the first opportunity.  ~ Mary and Rolando

* We really appreciate the help you provided to find our wonderful home. It was a great experience working with you and we have no reservation recommending you to any new comers. ~ Kin Fai & Jie

* We continue to recommend you to people we talk to.  We remain dazzled by your service and your thoughtful friendship. ~ Chuck and Betsy




* You can count on us to refer clients to you.  I’m even happy to provide recommendations.  ~ Jeff 

* We received the keys, the very nice key rings, and garage door openers today. Wow -- this has indeed been a whirlwind couple of months. We couldn't have done it without you. You made it super easy by watching all of the details for us.  ~ Marla & Bill


* We are beyond thrilled with the house, location, everything.  And working with you and Kathy was utterly delightful. Thanks for all of your help with this process! ~ Amy


* We look back with gratitude on the support you gave us over the last year. We're very glad indeed to be here at Foxdale, with so many worries out of the way. We'll certainly keep you in mind for anyone we hear of who needs to sell. ~ Marie and Lloyd

* For something that I had thought would be a terrible ordeal (buying/selling a house), you all have made it a real pleasure. ~ Judy

* It was great to meet you in person! Hearing your thoughts about the real estate market in State College now, and how our plans might be affected by it, was extremely helpful. After talking it over, my husband and I are going to pursue the refinance option, which we wouldn't have known to look into if not for your advice. When the time comes to sell, I'll certainly be in touch. ~ Charlotte

* I would recommend your team as competent, efficient, friendly, and supportive, and I will as the opportunity arises. ~ Dorothy

* …Looking back, we remember how this whole idea of moving seemed so hard a few months ago. And then you began advising and helping us and made the whole adventure successful… and even FUN! You and your group have been truly wonderful. And best of all, we started with an agent and ended with a friend. ~ Vanessa and Andres

* I want to personally take a moment to thank you and to say that I have and always will, recommend you and KBB. Your superior customer service and willingness to help me out in a pinch makes you stand apart from other realtors. I look forward to working with you in years to come. ~ Staci

* I can’t tell you what a relief it was to pull into my driveway and see the ‘sale pending’ sign up! Thank you so much for everything you’ve done to make this happen so quickly. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate it. ~ Allison

* It was a pleasure to work with you! We really liked your caring style. ~ Suzi and Jim

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