The internet is a great source of information and MISinformation.  We strongly suggest that all homeowners be cautious of where they click and never to enter personal information if you are unsure of the site and security.  Your best source of information for financial difficulty related to your mortgate, is your lender or Accountant.

The pandemic has dramatically impacted real estate sales in Pennsylvania and Centre County is not immune to that.  As dynamic a market as we have, when the Governor feels that an unprecedented Stay-at-Home Order is necessary, real estates are affected.  Some are postponed because inspections or other important parts of the process cannot proceed.   Sellers may find themselves furloughed or facing financial difficulty for any number of reasons.  Federal and state governments have announced plans to provide mortgage relief.  Forbearance should be carefully examined rather than casually applied for.  Homeowners need to know that forbearance does not forgive the amount due; it postpones the amount due.  At the bottom of this page, we've included a link to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  We hope this helps to bring clarity.