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Make Kissinger Bigatel & Brower REALTORS® your very first call when you are thinking of selling. Discover the many reasons to entrust one of your most important assets to the real estate professionals at Kissinger Bigatel & Brower REALTORS®.

90+ Years of Experience in Centre County
We have been thriving in State College and in the Centre County market since 1933.  With excellent planning and always putting our clients needs first, we have continued to help  folks buy and sell real estate in State College and the surrounding areas even through some of the toughest markets. Having this experience and knowledge on your side is so valuable.  We follow a proven process with the goal of netting our clients more money and better terms in less time.

Comparative Market Analysis for Real Estate & the Importance of Proper Pricing
We know our market, we know our statistics and we know how to help you decide the listing price of your property. We gather information on your property, compare it to properties that have sold and those that are sale pending. We also compare your property to active listings that are your competition. This will help establish an accurate list price for your property in this market. It is imperative to price your property correctly. Historically, the longer a property is on the market, the lower the sale price.  The simple fact is, price is the number one factor that most homebuyers use to determine which homes they want to view. And it's important to remember that, although the price is set by you, the value of the home is determined by the buyer. Try to avoid allowing your enthusiasm to impact your better judgment - overpricing is a common mistake that can cost you in the end. What really matters is how your home stacks up against the others currently offered for sale and recently sold in your neighborhood. Buyers will be comparing.  (More info on pricing below at the bottom of this page.)

Strategy for Selling Your Home
We listen before we list. Your motivation and time table are always an important component in the developing of a market strategy. Team work between SELLERS and REALTORS® will ensure a successful marketing campaign. Our commitment to CLIENT CARE is evident in all that we do.

REALTORS are Negotiators
We are skilled negotiators. We know our numbers; we know our sellers and we understand the process. Our knowledge, experience and expertise will prove extremely beneficial to you from the negotiating process all the way to settlement. We continue to educate ourselves not only according to the State mandated education, but way above that.  We will REPRESENT YOU.

Market Presence for Real Estate
Kissinger Bigatel & Brower REALTORS® has two full service offices strategically located to maintain high visibility in the Centre County region. Our offices always have a knowledgeable full time REALTOR on call waiting to speak with prospective buyers. Year after year after year, we list and sell more homes in State College than any other brokerage.  In fact, year after year after year, we list and sell the most homes in the five Centre County School Districts combined. 

Advertising Property for Sale
Our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign is exhausted.  This website that you're viewing now has been optimized for speed and to rank high in Google.  We spend tens of thousands of dollars each year keeping our ads at the forefront of the search results.  Additionally, easily recognized 'for sale' signs, the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), local billboards, full page color newspaper ads, real estate publications, brochures, television, open house events (both for the community and exclusively for REALTORS®) direct mail, real estate industry & agent websites; are additional venues we employ to ensure our success in selling your property. You simply will not find a more expansive advertising campaign for your real estate. - Real Estate Authority in Centre County
We showcase your property on this attractive website inviting buyers to consider your property as theirs. With large photos & distinctive search options, we make it easy for buyers to find your listing and to receive more details about it. has an extensive Property Tracker program which delivers listings matching a buyers preferences as soon as that listing hits the market.  Afterward, we follow up with these prospective buyers if they desire more details, disclosures, or to see the home.  

International Referrals Expand Our Network of Buyers
Through our affiliation with Cartus Broker Network (formerly Cendant Mobility), we are always developing relationships with new buyers worldwide. Through this affiliation, we are able to expose your real estate to buyers who have already contacted KBB and outlined their real estate needs.

So, are you thinking of selling your real estate? Click here to have a real estate agent contact you and answer any questions you may have or to get started on a successful sale. Put our experience and skills to work for you. We want to represent you!

KISSINGER BIGATEL & BROWER REALTORS ® -- Your Ultimate Real Estate Resource

Additional Home Pricing Information

  • Common Reasons for Overpricing
  • Over-improvement for the size/location of home
  • How much the Seller needs
  • Seller purchasing in higher-priced area
  • Original purchase price was too high
  • Lack of factual data (which can be overcome by meeting with a KBB REALTOR)
  • Bargaining room when an offer is received 
  • Move isn't necessary so 'let's just try this price' ... not good
  • Appraised Value
  • Emotional attachment
  • Opinion of family and neighbors

Dangers of Overpricing

  • Most of the activity on your home will occur in the first few weeks. Pricing a home properly and then creating immediate urgency in the minds of agents and buyers is critical.
  • Buyers who have seen most available homes in their price range are waiting for the "right house" to come on the market. That's why if a house is priced right, it will sell quickly. The buyers are there waiting for it.
  • Don't start with a high price and the assumption that you can reduce it later. By the time you decide to lower the price, it may be too late, as interest will have alreadywaned.
  • A major cause for concern is appraisal problems; overpricing can lead to loan rejections and lost time.
  • Even if your home is nicer than other homes in the same area, your house won't be picked for viewing if you set the price too high.
  • Buyers and agents become aware of the long exposure period and often are hesitant to make an offer because they fear something is wrong with the property.
  • Fewer potentially qualified buyers will respond.
  • You might help sell similar homes that are priced properly.  
  • You could lose money as a result of making extra mortgage payments while incurring taxes, insurance and unplanned maintenance costs.

The Role of a Real Estate Agent in Pricing

  • Provide you with a comparative market analysis (CMA), a comparison of the prices of recently sold homes that are similar in terms of location, style, and amenities. A CMAis performed by comparing previously sold homes in the area, and currently active homes to know your competition.
  • There is no "exact price" for real estate. You will be guided to a price range and then, with competitive property information, you, with your REALTOR's guidance, will decide what's the best price to list your home for sale.
  • We don't tell you what we think your home is "worth".
  • The market determines value…together we determine the price.
  • You determine the price based on the factors you control:
        - Marketing time
        - Financing alternatives provided
        - Condition of the property
        - Exposure method
  • Keep in touch with market trends and keep up to date with market activity of comparable homes.
  • Estimate your net proceeds.
  • Help to determine offering incentives.

An agent has NO control over the market, only the marketing plan. Never select an agent based on the listing price they suggest. Select your agent based on their service, reputation, experience, ethics, enthusiasm, and style. You need an advocate for the best real estate sale and we aim to please.

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